Over 40 million people visit Las Vegas each year to gamble, go to nightclubs, see shows and visit the Vegas pool parties! Below are the different types of people you will find in Vegas pool parties. If you are like us we can’t wait for the pool parties in Vegas to open, check out When the pools in Las Vegas open for the season.

Bachelorette Parties

Bachelorette Parties Las Vegas

You can spot bachelorette parties in Vegas a couple of different ways, first is by the group’s accessories first being that all of the accessories are shaped like a penis and there is always a feather boa. The group most of the time will be a larger group of people that don’t really look like they belong together, the only way that you will know that they are together is that they are all dressed the same. This group is usually fun if you meet them early in the night and then become a mess.

DJ Groupies

Las Vegas DJs

This group are usually younger and can be found standing on the dance floors of Las Vegas nightclubs waiting for their favorite DJs to go on. They usually do not have very much money and will probably pre-drink in the hotel room that they are sharing with four other people. This is the group that usually gets kicked out for being too intoxicated.

Bottle Rats

Bottle Rats in Vegas

This group of girls will be more interested in whether you have a table. They will usually come in groups of 4-6 and will just hover at your table, well as long as your table has alcohol. They will also probably try and get you to order champagne. When the liquor disappears so will these girls!

Convention Attendees

Las Vegas Conventions

You can recognize these people by their business casual dress and the convention lanyards that they will still be wearing from the convention that ended five hours ago. If you this is not blatant enough then they will make sure and talk about the convention that they where just at. They also for some reason think that they the convention lanyard is their free pass to everything in Las Vegas. You can spot them by their button up shirts tucked into their dockers. The good thing about these guys is that they are usually on expense accounts so they will be found at expensive dinners and buying tables in Las Vegas.

The Vegas Rookie

You can spot the Vegas rookie from the way that they dress to how they order drinks. The Vegas rookie will and his friends will usually dress the same. The female rookies will be wearing the same Forever 21 dresses as their friends and really high heels that they definitely cannot walk in. You can spot this group from the drinks that they order, which is usually Long Island Ice Tea. This group is similar to the DJs groupies in that they get completely wasted and usually pretty early. You can usually spot them with their shoes off walking through the hotel or maybe they are in a wheel chair getting escorted to their hotel room.

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